Circular you-know-what

So, will the circular economy package around the same time as the #COP21 melee make a difference?

We are likely to see progress by major corporations, although it is debatable whether this will be because of or in spite of the package. There is certainly a lot more activity by major corporations to secure access to renewable energy and sustainable sources of materials, such as Ikea’s focus on cotton or Google and Facebook’s commitment to be powered 100% from renewable energy.

The major change is less in infrastructure and investment in things, and more in the attitudes, behaviours and culture. This is a major theme for env23 over the coming twelve months and we look forward to debating this with you all – we’re sure you’re up to the challenge. So drop us a tweet, an email, call us up or make some noise somehow to let us know what you think. Meanwhile, have a look at the animation. (Credit: European Union 2015).