Where there’s a Goodwill…

With Britain now the largest market for ultra-low emission vehicles, there’s some good news about a major investment and expansion of Intertek’s hybrid and EV testing and development centre in Milton Keynes, UK.

Intertek says it is “privileged to work in partnership with the best of Britain’s automotive manufacturing industry to test and develop their vehicles’ powertrains to ensure they are the best they can be. Working together, Intertek has recognised that the future of the automotive industry is changing and moving into a high-tech future where the use of internal combustion engines is being augmented and superseded by hybrid technology, batteries and electric motors.”

The expanded site will employ 100 people in and around Milton Keynes and support thousands more highly-skilled jobs across the country by bolstering the industry’s continued drive towards manufacturing greener, cleaner vehicles.

Where there’s a Goodwill, there’s a way, perhaps. Transport Minister Robert Goodwill announced that the Government is “backing industry with a £600 million investment until 2020 to ensure every new UK car and van is a zero emission vehicle by 2040.”

That deserves a #awesome in our book.

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