Infrastructure Footprint – launch

Announcing the launch of – the place to go for the latest news and insight on infrastructure’s environmental, social and economic impacts, costs and benefits, trends and reflections. Find out what’s going on behind the headlines.

The new news site is powered by Footprint Media Group and edited by‘s John Twitchen and Sarah Hepburn.

The infrastructure space is incredibly exciting just now, with new environmental, low carbon, energy saving technologies and solutions seemingly launched every week. tracks the significant news stories and subjects with contributions from many of the leading organisations in the infrastructure space.

And if you’ve got news or insight that you’d like to broadcast, please share it with the team! They are always keen to hear about what you think is important, progress you’re making, challenges you’re addressing. Stay in touch on the move via twitter – use @footprintmedia and #InfraFootprint for stories you see that you think are relevant and they’ll pick it up from there!

A sector focus, covering energy, resources, transport, water and development, lets you drill down into the stuff that relates just to you – but make sure you catch other themes too, like the changes being driven by smartification and the huge impact that the falling cost of battery technology is having across the sustainability space. hopes you like the initial collection, and looks forward to hearing from you over the coming months and years.