Model T… Model 3

Just as the Model T revolutionised personal transport and through the introduction of new manufacturing techniques that brought the cost down and upped performance, so to will the new Tesla Model 3.

There are loads of reviews of the latest addition to the Tesla line-up, and we’ve not driven it so are steering clear of talking about ‘performance’, but the vehicle truly is a potential game-changer, as previewed on #InfraFootprint a few weeks ago.

With a range in excess of 215 miles and a US starting price of $35,000 before incentives, Tesla has brought EV motoring to the masses. They are planning to manufacture and sell 500,000 units per year.

While it is likely that the price will inflate through export, auto express still reckon on a £35,000 price tag once it hits UK shores, making it competitive with current hybrid offerings from the likes of VW and Mitsubishi.

What’s not to like…? (except the front, which does look a bit odd).