Phew! Renewable iMessages

Did you know…?

Probably the quirkiest “Earth Day” headline – your iMessages are powered by renewable energy. That’s the claim made by Apple in an advert (you can watch it up there in the header ^^).

Apple is investing in 4GW of renewable energy capacity and has some nuanced but effective policies in place to reduce other aspects of its footprint, such as prioritising aluminium from hydroelectric powered smelters rather than fossil fuelled plants.

Oh, and they made $40 million from recycling last year, including recovering over a tonne of gold and 1,400 tonnes of old copper from products that were improved, repaired and reconditioned.

And they have a robot line that can take apart 1.2 million phones each year. It’s called Liam.

Major corporations have been investing billions in renewables and other clean tech, above and beyond rules, regulations and targets. The long term view taken by these major organisations ensures they focus on securing supply chains, access to resources and, crucially, affordable and reliable energy. This trumps politics and political timeframes, which as we all know have a tendency to be short-sighted and myopic.

So, fellow consumer – keep up the pressure, ask those difficult questions, make every Earth pound, dollar and euro count.

Worth a pause for thought now and then.