Be part of the refill revolution

This has been whirring round our heads for a while, and the last few months have allowed time and space for it to germinate into a fully fledged ‘thing’…

Our new venture is now live – refill here is a website and social channels aimed squarely at tackling the UK’s annual 3 billion single use coffee (and tea!) cup mountain – paper laminate cups with plastic lids that are thrown away after just a few minutes’ use.

We are a nation of coffee (and tea!) lovers, especially at env23, where we’ve contributed our fair share of cups. But it’s time to change, and more importantly it was time to do something about it.

Welcome to and social channels @refill_here on Instagram and Twitter, supported by /refillhere on Facebook. It’s a simple ‘thing’:

  • there’s a social feed on the website, drawn from pics submitted on social media using the hashtag #refillrevolution or #refill_here
  • you can be part of it – upload a pic of your #refillable mug to your social feed and we’ll find it
  • you can help grow the network – tell us about your local cafe that supports refillables


The overall aim is to ‘norm’ taking a refillable mug with you, through some simple nudges:

  • promoting mugs with decent lids
  • challenging the perceived stigma
  • creating a community of ‘people like us’
  • pointing to cafes that will #refill_here


So, please join in and spread the word, #coffeelovers (and #tealovers!) – join the #refillrevolution.