Northern Devon explores power of digital

A new strategy for harnessing the power of digital technology to transform service delivery and drive economic growth whilst maintaining Northern Devon’s unique environment has been unveiled. env23 supported digital technology partner PCSG to develop this groundbreaking strategy. 

The Digital Northern Devon Strategy, developed in collaboration with North Devon Council and Torridge District Council, is believed to be the first such strategy to be produced by a rural authority.

The document sets out the joint vision of North Devon and Torridge District Councils to harness digital to

‘deliver the right kind of economic growth, with the greatest value for local communities, coupled with the best kind of environmental protection to safeguard our beautiful area’s future.

Developed with contributions and input from a range of public and private stakeholders, the strategy sets out the case for embracing digital and the potential benefits it offers in key areas such as the provision of services, employment and housing. It warns too of the risk of not harnessing a digital approach with the potential impact of the region being ‘left behind’.

It stresses though that any change must incorporate and protect the unique characteristics of the region’s stunning natural environment and the quality of life it offers.

It also details three strategic priorities to support the vision and unlock the benefits of a Digital Northern Devon:

  • Getting people digital: presenting a clear need case for connectivity
  • The ‘right’ kind of economic growth: balancing quality of life and protecting the natural environment with increasing efficiency and productivity
  • Unlocking potential through collaboration: using shared data and information to transform service delivery in planning, housing, health and social care.


Contact John Twitchen to find out more, download the report here and read more here.